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Our story

Andreas Ingeman is a Norwegian minimalist exploring the world, with a passion for travel, music and fashion, believing in designing beautiful watches with a true story. 

The story of Andreas Ingeman however, begins on the west coast of Norway, when the creator of the watch was nine years old. «This is your grandfathers’ watch, and I give this to you because I know you will be responsible and take good care of it». That was his father’ exact words. The young boy was so proud that, out of all his siblings, he was the one given the responsibility to take care of the watch. It was a minimalist classic watch, representing his caring, warm and hard-working grandfather named Ingeman. He locked it in a self-made wooden casket and kept it safe.

More than twenty years later, he finds the well-kept watch looking through some old stuff. The old inherited watch then becomes his inspiration for designing his own modern version of it, adding self-designed straps. He names them Andreas after his father, and Ingeman after his grandfather.

This is how Andreas Ingeman was reborn. A minimalist and timeless watch to complete your personal style, suitable for any occasion. Watches for men and women, and everyone in-between.

Now, we are traveling the world collecting inspiration from the people we meet, and the places we go.


A watch for every style and occasion

With replaceable NATO and leather straps, the minimalist and timeless watch can change character, completing your own unique style or outfit. You can order watches and buy separate leather and NATO straps, to mix and match according to your mood or occasion.

For the first collection, our creative development was inspired by Norwegian history and culture. All NATO straps have their own unique design and history, rooted in our identity. More designs will develop, as we travel the world and meet with interesting people and cultures.

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