Our story

Andreas Ingeman watches


ANDREAS INGEMAN is a Scandinavian minimalist watch brand for all genders, initiated by creative dreamers and curious minds based in Oslo Norway. 

Our VISION is to create things we like with people we like, and having fun doing so.

ANDREAS INGEMAN is identified by its slim clean Scandinavian lines, and strong visual impact. Our core is Scandinavian, but we’re inspired by people and places from around the world. We believe in diversity and in always challenging ourselves, always developing and always creating new ideas.

Engaging with a community of creatives drive our personal energy, and is one of the reasons we bring our watches around the world, meeting up with photographers and models we hand pick trough social media, creating visual content we love.

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The ANDREAS INGEMAN project was originally inspired by an old grandfathers watch one of the founders received from his dad when he was nine years old. 20 years later he found the old watch in his apartment in Oslo and decided to make his own version of it. Hence the name ANDREAS INGEMAN, his father’s name ANDREAS and grandfather’s name INGEMAN.