Scandinavian designs for all genders

Andreas Ingeman watches - The O NINE Collection

Find out more about our three watch collections below. Scandinavian designs for all genders. 


The O NINE Collection

The O NINE Collection, launched 9th of September 2018, is a series of eight watches with beautiful and minimalist details. They all have brushed stainless steel and engraved dial, and either lacquered leather, or a slim mesh wristband. All wristbands have a spring bar, making it easy to mix and match bands any way you want. Slim, clean and outstanding Scandinavian design.


The Oslo Leather Collection

This is a collection of genuine leather straps, and a tribute to our home town Oslo. A tribute to the green parks in the city hosting spring and summer BBQs, filled with people enjoying beer and playing games and music far into the Scandinavian light summer nights. To the red sunset, viewed from the top of the fortress walls next to the fjord, sharing a bottle of white wine with a good friend. To the black winter nights, of which you kind of need the Scandinavian mindset to handle. And finally, to the beautiful brown autumn leaves falling off the trees in late august. To Oslo, the best city in the world. 


The Norwegian Collection

This is a collection of unique NATO straps with designs inspired by Norwegian history and culture. Each design has its own true story.



In 1953 Unn Søiland designed the warm woolen Marius sweater. It is a hand knitted pattern, and today it is the most renowned, most sold and most knitted pattern in Norway. It is a Norwegian icon, and a symbol of some of the best in Norwegian tradition. Rock solid design, and as cool today as it was back in the 50’s.



This pattern was originally found on a bonnet in Jelsa, a small coastal village in the district of Rogaland. The discovery of this bonnet resulted in the making of the old Norwegian Jelsa Bunad. Bunad is a Norwegian umbrella term for a traditional range of Norwegian folk costumes, of which there are different designs in various parts of the country. This traditional Norwegian folk costume is common to wear at celebrations and happenings such as folk dances, weddings, baptisms, confirmations and, especially, Mai 17th, the National Day. A great inspiration for our modern classic. Every day is worth celebrating.



The Pharos watch and strap are inspired by a classic Norwegian wallpaper originally from the 1870’s that went out of production in 1915. The old wallpaper was found in Pharos house in Lillegate in Grimstad - a small town on the southern coast of Norway where Pharos at this time was a well-known family name. Today, this wallpaper is produced by Norsk Arv (Norgwegian Heritage), applying the exact same methods. It is a part of a wallpaper collection featuring several historic and classic Norwegian designs.