Top 9 visuals of 2018

It's hard to choose from this amazing field of talented people we have been so lucky to work with this past year.

Engaging with these creatives really drive our personal energy, and it is one of the reasons we started this project. We wanted to create things we like with people we like.

That's why we are bringing our Scandinavian gender neutral watches around the world, meeting up with photographers and models we hand pick trough social media, creating visual content we love. Berlin, Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, London to name a few, and more places to come in 2019.

From creative dreamers based in Oslo, nine hand picked favorite shots from 2018.

NO1. Miami //Deiondre Donte Smith by Celia D. LunaAndreas Ingeman watches by Celia D. Luna

NO2. Los Angeles //Mario Adrion by Davis Bates

Andreas Ingeman watches

NO3. Tokyo //Jazzlyn Ferreira by Benjamin HungAndreas Ingeman watches by Benjamin Hung

NO4. New York //Loijie Estacio by Kate Kim

Andreas Ingeman by Kim Kate Kim

NO5. Berlin //Malte Schoschies by Jonas Huckstorf

Andreas Ingeman by Osman Balkan

NO6. Berlin //Ryo Koike by Osman Balkan

Andreas Ingeman watches. Ryo Koike by Osman Balkan

NO7. Tokyo //Dakota Madison by Benjamin Hung

Andreas Ingeman by Benjamin Hung

NO8. Copenhagen //Nora Bragstad by David Hendrick

Andreas Ingeman watches by David Hendrick

NO9. Copenhagen //Niclas Sefidi by David Hendrick

Andreas Ingeman watches by David Hendrick 






  • 11/22/22


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