Benjamin Hung. An Australian creative in Tokyo

Benjamin Hung for Andreas Ingeman watches

Photo by Benjamin Hung for Andreas Ingeman.


Benjamin Hung is a creative genius from Australia, living in Tokyo. He is our go-to-guy in Tokyo, and he always delivers something special. You can tell he has an infatuation of Tokyo and its neon lights, always achieving unique perspectives with his camera. Andreas Ingeman has been working with him several times now, and we cannot wait until next time. Here is a little meet and greet with our Tokyo favorite. 


Hey Benjamin, how are you, and what’s going on in your life right now?

Hey! With everyone in the world, things are pretty quiet and i’ve just been chilling at home. Doing some work through Skype and just working on some small projects.


How is the Covid-19 situation in Tokyo right now, and how does it affect you?

Covid-19 has really created such an ominous sensation around Tokyo, someone on Twitter compared Tokyo to the game Biohazard. Tokyo is still brightly lit but not many people are on the streets and almost every shop, clubs and restaurants are closed. It’s bazaar! It’s making me feel a bit disorientated.


If you should introduce yourself and tell a little about who you are, what would you say?

I’m a photographer living in central Tokyo. I’m deeply obsessed with vibrant colours, sexual undertones and deep shadows. I’m a lover of pop music, especially strong independent females, and I love to cook Mexican food.


How did you end up doing photography? 

In high school I spent most of my time after school in art class working on my creative projects. That transitioned into my university degree and I picked up my first DSLR camera in first year. I was surrounded by other creatives and was able to bounce through different creative fields, but something about photography really resonated with me.


...and how did you end up in Tokyo?

 I was in my 20’s and I needed an escape from my small country city. So, one hot Aussie summer night, I googled “How to move to Japan” and the rest was history.


Where do you search for photo inspiration? 

Retro anime films, modern museums and walks along the river.


How would your friends describe you?

Shy, Bubbly and a lightweight drinker.


What is a good photo in your opinion?

For me personally, the concept or idea holds strength than the technical side. What’s happening in the photo? What does it say? How is related to my world?


Who do you look up to?

Nick Knight & Solve Sundsbo have been my photography idols since university. Their work just blows my mind visually and conceptually!


What is your advice for aspiring photographers?

Keep experimenting with new techniques and ideas. Don’t be afraid to deconstruct your idol’s/inspiration’s work and to incorporate it into your own. But make it your own!


What is your top three travel destinations?

Melbourne for its nostalgic culture, London for how multicultural the city is and Tokyo because that’s home for me now (plus the delicious food).


Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

Travelling to different places in the world and shooting while wearing a leather jacket lol.


Photos by Benjamin Hung. For more photos please follow @benjamin_hung on Instagram.


Benjamin Hung, Tokyo based photographer


Benjamin Hung, Tokyo based photographer


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