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She is an actor, model and musician, dreaming of traveling the world. Here is a close up with Lauren Luiz, the vocalist of the LA based band WILD. She also starred in the Broadway show Spring Awakening, and you will guaranteed hear her name in the future. Big dreams, passion and energy can go a long way.


Wild and Andreas ingeman


At what time a day are you at your best, and why?

I have a good morning routine right now of waking up and reading a chapter of whatever book i’m reading and drinking coffee. It gets my brain working; I think I peak there.


What are you up to these days?

We're writing so much, we have a few sessions set up and I'm really excited to see what we come up with; we just got back from Austin for SXSW and we're playing BottleRock in May so our rehearsal schedule has been pretty packed. 


How would the people you work with describe you?

An annoying perfectionist.


And how about your friends?

A good listener? I would hope they would say something nice.


What engages/drives you?

My family is so driven. My grandparents are the hardest workers I know; they've been running their own business for 60 years. If they can still get up at 4am and work after so much time, I can get up and do what I love every day. 


If you had a 15 min audience with President Trump, what theme would you address and why?

I think it’s absolutely ridiculous after how many years that people still think that women’s reproductive health is a government issue. All he wants to do is grab pussies, why would I trust him with mine? I'd probably tell him to stay the hell away from planned parenthood and women in general. 


Where do you find inspiration?

I am still trying to catch inspiration as it comes. I’ve been reading a bit about eudamonia. It is a greek word that means ‘human flourishing’ or a fancy word for ‘work flow’. The ancient greeks didn’t believe that we were responsible for our own genius, genius is objective as opposed to subjective. Lately I've been trying to latch onto inspiration whenever it flows. I have so many random voice memos and notes in my phone. Sometimes I'll hear a new song by an artist I've never heard of or I'll see a picture at a coffee shop and my face will get all warm and tingly. I think that's when I've found inspiration. 


Who are the most inspiring people in your life?

Every single cast member of Spring Awakening. That show introduced me to such a diverse group of artists. It really helped me grow and step out of my comfort zone.


How was your Broadway experience, doing Spring Awakening?

Definitely the most rewarding experience I've had in my life thus far. I learned a new language, met an entire new community of people, recognized my potential - how ignorant I can be but also how much I can learn.


How did you end up with a role in the play?

I auditioned and was actually offered a part as a swing but I was unavailable to take on the rehearsal schedule. I think about 4 months later I got a call from Michael Arden, the director of Spring Awakening, asking me to fill in for the role of Voice of Thea. I would need to watch the show for a few days then sit back stage and memorize blocking and entrances/exits. The idea was really intimidating, but the cast was so supportive and helped push me around the stage the first night I performed. I played the twin sister of Amelia Hensley and she literally held my hand and guided me through the entire show.


What is your best take out from doing the show?

Do what scares you, try what you think you can’t do. Sometimes i’ll be working on something and i’ll doubt myself and then I go back to so many times during rehearsal when I didn’t believe I could do something but I pushed through the nervousness and it made accomplishing it feel so much better. Sometimes you'll flop, hard, but at least you went for it!


What is the story of WILD?

WILD started as pure passion project between Tyler and Zach back in 2014, they were just writing songs purely for fun. When I met them we really clicked and the songs just flowed; they’re great people as well as great business partners, i’m lucky to have them as friends.


How would you describe your music, and is there any artist who has been important in forming your expression?

I feel as if it’s ambiguous coming of age folk. Each of us in the band attach different meaning to our songs and lyrics, for me I love that each song has a movement theme. All of our songs are about moving forward or traveling, or letting go. Basically what your twenties are about. We’re figuring it out as we go and our songs reflect that.


How do you progress when creating new music? How does the magic happen?

- When writing we have to establish a vibe or what we want the song to be about. Sometimes we figure out what the song is about as we’re writing it. The true magic is when we finally bring the entire band together, taking the song out of the studio and seeing how it translates. We have a great live bassist (Wes Johnson) and live drummer (Topher Gale).


Do you guys have any vision or goals set for you music?

Keep writing songs that keep setting the bar higher and making songs that people can connect to. We would also love to tour.


What is your biggest dream?

To travel the world. I want to go everywhere and get to know different cultures and ways of expression. I'd love to get there through art, I think art is the best way to learn from people.


So what do you prefer, modeling, acting or music?

Music has always been a huge part of my life. A year ago I was completely focused on acting but music was always a constant throughout that process. I'm really happy to be able to focus on writing and performing music right now. 


Would you have any tips for others pursuing their creative or individual dream?

I find that when I talk more than I listen I become more stagnant. I can't tell if becoming stagnant is the bi product of talking too much about the work or I'm talking too much about the work because I know I'm stagnant and all I can do is talk about it. I think I go through phases of both. My tip would be to have an open heart and open ears, stay humble. 


Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully in the mountains somewhere not stressing over taking a few days off from work


What question would you ask yourself if you were me?

I'm obsessed with vegan Mac and cheese... I know some good spots in LA if you need the hookup.


You can follow Lauren and Wild on Instagram; @laurenlooeze and @wildtheband


Lauren Luiz and Andreas Ingeman

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