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Kaitlyn Mikayla telling it straight

Kaitlyn Mikayla for Andreas Ingeman


She has a screenplay going into production, she wants to brainwash President Trump to join the right side of history, and she is a highly skilled New York photographer. Kaitlyn Mikayla is up next in our series of inspiring people we love working with. She was our first model ever, and is one of our latest photographers.


Who is Kaitlyn Mikayla and where is she heading?

I’m a photographer, screenwriter, filmmaker and actor. And I’m hopefully heading to a theater near you. 


Why did you start doing photography?

I’m a filmmaker first, but it requires quite a few resources to make a film. I find photography is just an instant gratification version of filmmaking which is why I turned myself onto it. I can get the images out of my head quicker and easier.


What inspires you?

I’m largely inspired by 1970s cinema and other female creatives.


Success, what does it mean to you, and what is the key to achieve it?

Success to me means an equal balanced life. Having the career of my dreams, having an amazing network & support system, traveling and staying healthy & curious = success to me! 


You have a script going into production pretty soon, what is it about?

I can’t say much, but the story revolves around a woman racing motocross.


What made you write this specific story?

I spent a decade of my life racing motocross competitively & with the encouragement of my co-writer I was able to get a version of my unorthodox childhood onto paper. 


If you had 15 min with President Trump, how would you spend it?

I’d put Trump in a confined space with all walks of life and his “enemies”, brainwash him to join the right side of history. Then convict him of all his crimes. Oh and obviously, leak the pee tape! 


How should a young aspiring photographer approach work to be successful? 

You just have to hustle. If you’re not shooting everyday, you’re not pushing yourself to find new perspectives and to grow. Then network as much as you shoot and success will find you.


What is your perspective on style?

To me, style is ever evolving. As an artist, it’s really important to develop a style that will set you apart and make you recognizable, but I also think the job of the artist is to keep growing and changing too.


Who would you say have the coolest style, and why?

I really love classic photographers like Vivien Maier and Guy Bourdin. But current artists like Jason Lee Parry and Sarah Bahbah.

Kaitlyn Mikayla for Andreas ingeman
Kaitlyn Mikayla for Andreas Ingeman
Kaitlyn Mikayla for Andreas Ingeman

Check out Kaitlyn’s amazing Instagram; @kaitlynmikayla.

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