Tips for a weekend in Berlin

Berlin, ich liebe dich. It is definitley one of the coolest cities in Europe, if not in the world. This city is creative, open and free in so many ways. Just being able to walk down any street with a beer in your hand, or even being able to buy one at any kiosk in the midle of the night. We dont see that happening in Oslo.

Anyways, here are some tips for what to do for a weekend in Berlin. So, the place to stay is definitely Michelberger Hotel. The atmosphere is amazing, with cool people henging out in the bar and lounge area downstairs. Its filled with books all over and very different from most other hotels. Michelberger really got character and soul. 

We suggest you start Saturday morning with a late breakfast at the hotel before renting a bike and riding it down to Badeshiff. It’s an amazing place in Kreuzberg with a big swimming pool floating in the river. Right next to it is a great big wooden pier and a cozy sandy beach bar. A cold beer in the sun with a view of the river and sand between your toes. A good start you might say. This kind of beach bar is a favorite of ours, and you can find them all over Berlin. So this is what we normally do in Berlin, but this Saturday we had a photo shoot with photographer Timothy Suen and model Michel Rollmann. We were shooting the new watch collection by Andreas Ingeman; The Norwegian Collection. Here is a couple of photos from the shoot. 

Article continues below the photos.

Anyways, back to our story. After a couple of hours in the sun at Badeshiff, you should take the bike on a tour down Heckmannufer street following the park along the river, as close to it as you get, to the Turkish Market in Maybachufer street. After strolling trough the market and listening to some street musician, we recommend taking the bike to Golitzer Park for a beer in the sun and late lunch. We have been to places with better food, but the vibe here on a sunny day is pretty cool.

After a late lunch you should check out Yaam, it’s a fun and alternative place to heng out in Berlin. There is a beach bar where you can chill out and a club if you want to dance. Its a great place for some relaxing beers with friends during the day, or by night. Just check it out and you will understand.

Sunday in Berlin, what to do? We would say the choice should be either day time clubbing at Berghain, or a relaxing day by the pool at Haubentaucher, enjoyning sun, music and beer. Alternatively an afternoon in Mauerpark singing (or maybe just listening to) open air karaoke, then strolling the second hand market and drinking beer in the sun. The atmosphere is simply amazing. You could actually do both, starting at Haubentaucher and moving to Mauerpark around 4 pm. Anyways, I guess your decision would depend on what you did Saturday night.

Berlin is an amazing city, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do. We will definitely be back.




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