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Are you excited for this years Coachella? We are!

Weekend 1 of the festival is  coming up in less two days. We can't wait driving in to the desert and diving into it all. 

This year we are shooting with the amazing Davis Bates. Be sure to follow his Instagram @davis.bates and also @andreasingeman to get a feeling of the Coachella vibe. Davis' work is incredible, and he's got an eye for fashion details. 

Here is our guide to what's not to be missed the first day of this years Coachella: 


3.20 PM @Sahara stage: We suggest you start off your Coachella 2017-experience dancing to the happy tunes from the french dj Kungs. This 20 year old boy from Toulon has been around the world the last year, spinning happy tunes like "This Girl". He will definitely get you in the right mood.

After, grab yourself a beer in one of the beer gardens and watch the ambience at the festival as the sun is low and lightening up the surrounding mountains in red colour. 

7.10 PM @Gobi stage: Banks is one of our favourites. Be sure to see her at the Gobi stage as the sun set.

8.50 PM @Coachella stage: Our personal favourite this friday is the English band the XX. They will be playing the main stage this year. Their electronic dremy rock sound will be perfect this night in the desert - slow dancing and cuddling as they play their song  "Angels". 

The band's third studio album, I See You, was released this january, and it is absolutely brilliant! 

Before hooking up with you friend for the night and heading back to your Palm Springs hotel for some late night party by the pool, or if you are lucky enough to get in to Neon Carnival, there is one more concert to end off your first day at Coachella. Radiohead is always good, but this year we suggest: 

10.05 PM @Sahara stage: the Empire of the Sun will play in one of the large tents this year, making their visuals even better. Be prepared for dramatic costumes, lights and lazers and the band giving their all playing songs like "Walking on a dream" and last years "High and low"

A Little Communist inspiring the new generation

Bohan Qiu


Model, style influencer, PR Executive at MR PORTER, and Co-Founder of Totem Collective - a wearable art project in the making. His creative mind, and sense of style is making him a powerful influencer. In The Little Communist, his blog portraying his social engagement and ability to tell interesting stories, he shares various perspective on society, art, fashion, travel and culture. Bohan Qiu is pure inspiration.


How would you describe yourself?

A China Boy.


In three words, how would you describe your style?

Mixing Shit Up. I get inspired by a lot of random things, and I love putting them all together. Such as the baggy suit trousers with perfectly ironed lines of old Hong Kong men paired with a Beverly Hills tourist T-shirt and throw a 50s emerald green silk kimono on top, and of course my favorite white UBER Hat. And you’ve got the look! I get tired of people wearing all brands stuff, needing to be able to “credit it” when being featured. Random stuff is so much more fun.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get inspired when I am far, far away from home. The feeling of travel, or how I like to think of it as “crashing into other people’s reality” sometimes, is where new ideas are born, and you bring them home to nurture. 


Who are the most inspiring people in your life?

People who do completely different things from me. They can be politicians, engineers, programmers, sculpture artists, documentary film makers etc. They can always offer me a brand new perspective on what else is out there in the world I need to learn, respect, or learn to respect. 


What engages you?

Knowing that at the end of the day I’ll be able to say, I made that, and made other people happy. 


What made you start your own project? 

I have always wanted to create something that I would be proud of and respect myself doing. I have been having a lot of ideas, and on the coldest day in Hong Kong this year, I stayed up all night over tea and cigarettes and got excited about this one, and decided to push myself to it and see what happens! 


What is the story behind Totem Collective?

At first, we simply wanted to make a perfect tote bag, which is a product the we have always wanted but could never find. Then the idea extended further, and the patch element which you can attach or detach from the bag naturally became the core concept of this project, which is to engage the art, fashion and design we love and create something that could continue to inspire others. 


In your job you get to travel quite a bit, what is the best place to travel in the world, and why?

For work, I usually enjoy Shanghai, Beijing or Paris, simply because I have so many friends there that it always feels like going home. 

In recent years, I started traveling in China more and I’m starting to discover more and more places that remain lesser known to the world. Personally I am in love with Yunnan province in south-western China. It has so much to offer and the ethnic minorities’ culture always fascinate me so much. You can relax by the breathtaking Erhai Lake and go for a day hike in the snowy mountain ranges, and then grab a drink at the alleyways of a thousand-year-old city. It’s where many urbanite escape to and settle for a slower and more spiritual life. 


What is your perspective on living in Hong Kong?

I was really tired of it at one point due to the lack of space and creativity in this city. But there is slowly a new and exciting community that attempts to do something new, something fresh and something exciting. However, the rent of the city definitely killed a lot of the youth culture, especially among locals and that is something that makes me sad. You simply cant have any aspirations of the youth life one deserves when you have to go home and drink mama’s soup every night. I love my parents, but the distance has actually made us much closer. 


In what way is Hong Kong different from the rest of China?

They are very different. But I am starting to feel like China is surpassing Hong Kong in many ways. As the windows of opportunities in Hong Kong close up, young people are losing their focus. They have the attempt to do things, but their vision is shrinking. Whereas now the energy in many Chinese cities are incredibly exciting. On top of economic growth, art, music, design, fashion, film, to youth culture, innovation and way of life, China is becoming much more diverse and interesting, whereas Hong Kong is just still the financial hub it brands itself as. 


What is your biggest dream? 

To eliminate social class structures and replace human labor with machines, and have the whole mankind live in a society where resources are being distributed in an economic way, shared scientifically and not controlled by the 0.1%. That’s why incorporating environmental and philanthropic elements in whatever I do is always in the vision. 


In your opinion, what is the fashion capital of the world? 

I think the concept of fashion capitals is fading. Sure, the “major” shows and houses are still in Paris Milan New York. But every city has its own “dress code” nowadays, and major houses would find inspiration from cities like LA, Tokyo, Berlin, Moscow. Therefore I think every city is a capital of its own style. 


If you were elected the new president in the USA, what would you do?

Change the electoral system and make sure that such a big role wouldn’t fall into someone unqualified like I am, and then resign. 


If you were to write a biography, what would the title be?

“The Modern Day Class Struggle and All the Sleepless Fun Nights That Comes Along with It”. I haven’t really thought about it. 


Who are the most inspiring people to follow on Instagram?

@watts.on and @ignant are two accounts I love for new inspirations.


Check out a few photos of Bohan.


Bohan Qiu
Bohan Qiu
Bohan Qiu
Bohan Qiu
Bohan Qiu


See more inspiration from Bohan; @qiu.bohan,, @totem_collective,

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Cecilie Harris: Capturing the young male through the female lens

cecilie Harris


Cecilie Harris is second out in our series about inspiring people. The Norwegian born photographer based in London has really created something of her own in this great city. She is the founder and editor in chief of the magazine Boys by Girls. A magazine exploring the beauty of the contemporary young male through the female lens, striking a balance between fashion, art and documentary resulting in honest and beautiful photography and great stories. We had the pleasure of working with Cecilie on our Shoreditch love story Lookbook for Andreas Ingeman watches. Her professionalism, achievements and interesting perspectives truly inspire us. Read on to learn more about this beautiful person. 


boys by girls magazine


How did you get the idea of Boys by Girls Magazine?

Over a coffee with a friend, discussing how we enjoyed shooting menswear, but that we didn't feel we were able to comfortable express our female interpretation of how we saw the contemporary young male. Menswear fashion is a very male orientated world. We also talked about how photography can sometimes be a lonely game. So the idea of the magazine was born. 


What is it in your opinion that makes the magazine so unique and successful?

Boys by Girls Magazine explores the contemporary young male through the female lens, providing a unique mix of an authentic and documented approach, whilst mixing in a fashion element. By becoming "a fashion magazine with soul", this is a new way of presenting fashion. It also is a beautiful magazine showing the young male in beautiful imagery with a poetic element to it, and give female photographers a platform to show how they see the young male through their eyes.


Where do you find inspiration for a new issue of Boys by Girls Magazine?

I live in a creative bubble at the moment, living and breathing the magazine, so I am constantly searching for inspiration and people that inspire ideas. Inspiration comes from everything from music, film, poetry, personal experiences, people I meet and conversations I have. Through this project I meet so many inspiring people, and I love listening and learning. One conversation quickly turns into something that provides inspiration for the next step.


Do you have any bigger purpose or ambition with Boys by Girls Magazine?

I really feel like the magazine is creating its own path and bigger purpose as time goes. On the girl side, I am passionate about continuing to champion female photographers and their voice. On the other hand, the more I talk to the boys of today and what they are going through, how they experience the world, the more I feel that it is increasingly important to document this journey and tell their story beautifully. There is a lot of room to grow this project into something bigger than simply a magazine. I'd love to add a publishing arm one day, to allow all my female peers to express even more through beautifully photographed and designed books - to allow our talented boys to express themselves through art, words, music and imagery. The possibilities are endless. 


You have an amazing magazine, and you encounter a lot of young males developing it, how would you describe the youth of today?

Of course everyone is different, and it’s hard to in a short paragraph generalize everyone into one statement. But some things I’ve learned from my conversations with boys is that today’s youth is more open-minded and accepting than previous generations. Some also find it harder to really find and define themselves, as they are so overexposed to a constant stream of information. It can be hard to take it all in and make sense of it all. I think this generation will find a way to deal with this chaos, and start simplifying somehow. Make their own rules or how to deal with the constant chatter they are exposed to every day.


What is it about this generation that fascinates you?

I like how open minded they are. The world is becoming smaller, more accepting of each other, as the young generation travel more and have instant access to anywhere in the world through the internet. They have instant knowledge at the tip of their fingers. Masculinity is changing and the previous black and white view of male versus female is blending together slowly. Boys are happier to be comfortable with their feminine sides, whether they are straight or gay. Although I still think the young men of today are a little lost, as girls have been fighting for their rights for years, I think these changes is slowly starting to happen. It’s starting to become more ok for boys to cry, for boys to express what they feel. 


If you where to give these boys any advice, what would it be?

Keep listening to your inner voice - everything will be ok in the end.


Have you ever had a story, or met someone shooting, who has made a big impact on you as a person? 

There have been a few muses along the way. One which turned into a personal three year documentary project I am working on at the moment, which hopefully one day will turn into a book. I also met one of my best friends through shooting, who constantly gives me strength to carry on.


Why did you become a photographer in the first place?

I grew up with photographers around me. My uncle is a photographer, and the women in my family loved photographing. It was only once I had been in London for a while, I realized this was actually a career path that I could do. Norway is a bit more traditional in it’s paths, and at the time I was studying it didn’t feel like a “safe” enough route to take in my life. Now I realize…. who needs safe?


What would you say define you as a photographer?

My ability to capture emotion and stories in images, and my need to be as authentic as possible in my approach. I think my natural curiosity in people, help build rapport with my subjects, and together we can create impactful images.


Is there one thing or characteristic the people you like shooting have in common?

Often the people I am drawn to shooting are still one the path of growing up. They are often still exploring who they are and who they want to be. I like the mix of innocence, curiosity, nervousness, bravery, anxiety, insecurity, courage and freedom represented in youth today and how this translates to images.


Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

The ability to inspire the people who read and take in the images of the magazine is my biggest fuel to continue taking images and run the magazine. Being able to talk to and really try to understand the young generation of boys today is so fascinating and interesting to me. I love listening to their stories, their struggles and their victories. Although some people pre-judge youth as lazy and non-caring - if you take time to talk to someone, to really listen to them - you'll find that people open up and honesty come to the surface. It’s a generation so full of passion and dreams, they want to be heard and they want to make a difference in the world, which I think is a beautiful thing.


What is the biggest difference being a photographer based in London instead of Norway?

The fashion industry in London is so much bigger than in Norway. Being a photographer in London who shoot fashion, you have access to amazing designers, models, stylists, groomers etc. London is such a creative hub and with London Collections: Men now being four days, this is one example of how much the menswear fashion industry is growing and buzzing in London right now.


What are you most proud of?

Coming from Stavanger in Norway, I am incredibly proud that I have gone down a completely new path to when I started my time in London, that I have been able to stay true to my dream of creating something new that can be shared with people. That I have been able to create a magazine that has a unique perspective, that inspires people and that looks really beautiful. I am proud that I can give a platform to champion women and their talents, and that I can share the stories of the contemporary young male in a beautiful way to anyone who is interested.


Do you have any advice for young aspiring photographers?

Explore the reasons why you want to take pictures, what kind of stories you want to tell and find your own photographic voice. Then take your camera with you and go out and play. A lot. 


We asked Cecilie to pick out her 5 favorite photos and tell us why. Take a look.

Boys by Girls Magazine

Ball Brothers

There is something so exciting about capturing true emotion between two people and these two brothers; Callum (20) and Louis (16) was so much fun to work with. The day and atmosphere on set was made even more interesting by the continuous contributing stories from their dad from the sideline. Brotherhood brings so much competition, yet unspoken love, and it was so much fun to explore that between these two.


Boys by Girls Magazine

Asa Butterfield 

Asa is such an amazing actor. Most known for his role in "The boy in the striped pyjamas", he now plays the male lead in Tim Burton's upcoming movie "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children". I love this image from his cover story in Boys by Girls issue 10. My team and I thought it would be hilarious to put him in a pyjamas and let him loose in a field. Asa has such a great sense of humor, and he thought it was equally hilarious, and was up for the challenge before I had even finished the sentence. He made me laugh pretty much the whole day, and was so playful during the shoot and genuinely cared about creating a good series of images with me. 


Boys by Girls Magazine

Robbie McKinnon

Robbie likes words. Robbie likes chicken. Robbie likes the moon. He was such a unique personality and his self humor about his upside down frown lips was hilarious. He created such interesting frames, and I in particularly love this image taken in his garden playing with apples on the ground. He played with apples on the ground for half an hour, speaking to them. That's just genius. 


Boys by Girls Magazine

Sam Alexander

As my most recent muse, I have to put an image of Sam in my top faves. I am currently working on a book project with Sam, documenting his life as an illustrator. In our now third year, we are still capturing another year as he goes into work life, having graduated from uni. This image of Sam I adore, and was the cover of issue 8. He simply looks so effortlessly cool in it.


Boys by Girls Magazine

Jonah & Christian Lees

Actor twins. This one is surely self explanatory! Twins are just awesome to work with, and when you in addition have two super interesting and funny British actor talents, it's a clear winner. This shoot day was so much fun and the boys took on every outfit with such interest and created little roles for each image they created. This image, I love how it almost look like a mirror of itself. 


To see more of Cecilie’s work, you can visit her website, or check out her Boys by Girls Magazine at

Up close and personal with Brandon Woelfel


Some people just succeed to inspire others, and their following keeps growing. Instagram sensation Brandon Woelfel is first out in our series about inspiring people. Brandon has a sensational eye for photography and his post production skills are just stunning. With a following on Instagram exceeding 405 000 people, and still growing it fast, Brandon shows us how great photography is done.




We had the pleasure of working with Brandon at Governers Ball in New York City in the beginning of June. He is an amazingly cool guy with tremendous skills, and he also has a great sense of style himself - perfect to capture the Andreas Ingeman lifestyle. His visual eye is impressive, and it keeps inspiring over and over again. We asked him a few question to get his perspectives, and to get to now him a bit better, and we also included some favorite photos from his Instagram.



So Brandon, how would you describe yourself and how does it reflect in your photographies?

I would describe myself as a creative person who thrives around people. Collaborating with other creatives really boosts my quality of work. Being able to bounce ideas off one another is a necessity for a project!

And how would your friends describe you?

My friends would probably describe me as a creative person who's always down for an adventure! 

Tell us about why you started doing photography

Always being involved in art when I was younger, I was (and still am) searching for new mediums that interest me. Following all various photographers on Instagram years ago, I thought why not give it a try. Having my main source of inspiration come from Instagram, I would definitely say this not so little app anymore was the reason I started taking photos.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration when it comes to photography?

I have so many forms of inspiration when it comes to photography, it's hard to narrow it down to just one. Inspiration can come from anywhere but when choosing a specific photographer, I strive for someone who isn't just creative but is also very hardworking at their craft.

Describe the perfect shoot

The perfect shoot for me would have to be right after the sun sets, with many of my good friends just having fun, bouncing photo ideas off one another to create a magical moment.

Photography seems like a big part of your life, what do you do when your time is not spent on photography?

Photography is definitely a huge part of my life. When I'm not shooting or editing I love going on little road trips with friends! Whether it be an hour away or the next state over, it's always awesome to experience new settings with great people. 

What is your best advice for aspiring photographers?

My best advice for aspiring photographers is to continue to create content. If it's what you love it'll find its way into your daily life. Starting to view everyday objects or locations as a new photoshoot setting and how you could mentally get the best shot even without a camera in hand is a great way to start!

You have achieved so much at a young age, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I hopefully see myself still doing what I love, photography. Working with awesome brands to create some amazing content!

What is your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to be able to continue partnering with other creatives and companies, making a living off my passion in life.

What person do you really really really want to take a photo of? And why?

I have a few models in mind when thinking of my dream person to shoot! A few include (by Instagram handles) @marooshk @hologrvphic & @pyperamerica. All these people are amazing models but also seem super genuine!

What is your favorite camera to shoot with?

My go to camera is my Nikon D750, I use that camera for almost every shoot!

Instagram accounts everyone should follow, and why?

Some of my current favorite Instagram accounts are @waitingontheworld, @hinfluencercollective & @zachallia. Whether it be a feature account or a photography account, those users inspire me daily to keep creating.

What is your favorite photo, and why?

My favorite photo I've taken changes with time as I go on more and more shoots. This image is a recent favorite and I think if you look at it long enough could really create a personal story to whoever is viewing it. 

Brandon is truly an inspirational and genuine human being, and his professionalism and creative mind is making him a great photographer to work with, and a guy you should be following. We will definitely work with him again.

Our top 5 photos from Brandons Instagram: @brandonwoelfel

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Tips for a weekend in Berlin

Berlin, ich liebe dich. It is definitley one of the coolest cities in Europe, if not in the world. This city is creative, open and free in so many ways. Just being able to walk down any street with a beer in your hand, or even being able to buy one at any kiosk in the midle of the night. We dont see that happening in Oslo.

Anyways, here are some tips for what to do for a weekend in Berlin. So, the place to stay is definitely Michelberger Hotel. The atmosphere is amazing, with cool people henging out in the bar and lounge area downstairs. Its filled with books all over and very different from most other hotels. Michelberger really got character and soul. 

We suggest you start Saturday morning with a late breakfast at the hotel before renting a bike and riding it down to Badeshiff. It’s an amazing place in Kreuzberg with a big swimming pool floating in the river. Right next to it is a great big wooden pier and a cozy sandy beach bar. A cold beer in the sun with a view of the river and sand between your toes. A good start you might say. This kind of beach bar is a favorite of ours, and you can find them all over Berlin. So this is what we normally do in Berlin, but this Saturday we had a photo shoot with photographer Timothy Suen and model Michel Rollmann. We were shooting the new watch collection by Andreas Ingeman; The Norwegian Collection. Here is a couple of photos from the shoot. 

Article continues below the photos.

Anyways, back to our story. After a couple of hours in the sun at Badeshiff, you should take the bike on a tour down Heckmannufer street following the park along the river, as close to it as you get, to the Turkish Market in Maybachufer street. After strolling trough the market and listening to some street musician, we recommend taking the bike to Golitzer Park for a beer in the sun and late lunch. We have been to places with better food, but the vibe here on a sunny day is pretty cool.

After a late lunch you should check out Yaam, it’s a fun and alternative place to heng out in Berlin. There is a beach bar where you can chill out and a club if you want to dance. Its a great place for some relaxing beers with friends during the day, or by night. Just check it out and you will understand.

Sunday in Berlin, what to do? We would say the choice should be either day time clubbing at Berghain, or a relaxing day by the pool at Haubentaucher, enjoyning sun, music and beer. Alternatively an afternoon in Mauerpark singing (or maybe just listening to) open air karaoke, then strolling the second hand market and drinking beer in the sun. The atmosphere is simply amazing. You could actually do both, starting at Haubentaucher and moving to Mauerpark around 4 pm. Anyways, I guess your decision would depend on what you did Saturday night.

Berlin is an amazing city, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do. We will definitely be back.